12 August 2010

Thank You Thursday #4

It's that time...Does anyone else think this summer has come and gone so quickly? The last couple of weeks, we have been trying to squeeze in all the stuff we were supposed to do throughout the summer; Boating trips, County Fair, Six Flags and Art Museums. Thus, the lack of posting. All will be back to normal- lots of things in the works but not to many are getting finished as we get ready for Back-to-School. Thank You friends for reading and connecting and sharing your thoughts and ideas. Most of all, thanks for understanding!Sorry ahead of time, but this is another "when we lived in England" story, but; When we lived in England for the first three years of our marriage, there was the cutest little toy shop and I used to look for excuses to go in there and browse. I started collecting Schleich animal families "for our future children" (at that time, we weren't even sure if I was going to be able to have children, but I had to justify all the toy buying somehow, right?) Now, they sell them at Target and we have three full boxes of them and since we don't want to fork out the dough for the accessories, I have been looking for a nice for them to live. THANK YOU UK lass in US for this darling fabric barn:I love the barn, I love the dollhouse, I love that you found something useful to do with plastic canvas, I love that you have a fab flick'r group- all of it! It is perfect for home and away- I love the handles and the quietness of it all. Your tutorial is clear and detailed and is on my "to make for Christmas list". Plus, my little wooden dollies still need a home.

Last, but certainly NOT least, THANK YOU Someday Crafts for featuring my Cereal Box Notebooks in your Back-2-School bash today.
I am really excited to share them with your readers. All of the ideas so far have been so amazing- just the inspiration I needed to kick my booty into gear and accept that the summer is over and school starts Monday- yikes!

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