13 August 2010

Diaper Cake with Bonus Wreath

I made a diaper cake (or as we call them, nappy cakes) for someone Mr. PP works with and another co-worker asked if I would make one for her as she wanted to give one to a friend of hers. She provided the basic materials, and we all get to benefit! Isn't that ribbon cute? I love the gender-neutral colors! Anyway, they are SO easy to make so I thought I would share the basics, although if you google the term, you will find a ton of great ideas! You can leave them plain like I have here, or embellish by tying and poking in all kinds of things a new mother may need. Here are the things you need although you will probably need more than one package of nappies- I used one and a half for this cake:
Were you wondering what I was doing with all the random kitchen vessels? They were all the sizes I wanted for my cake and it is so much easier to use a "mold" than to try to tie them all together without one!
To begin, take your nappies, 1 at a time and roll them up tightly and secure it with some tape or a small rubber band. Then place them in one of your round "molds". Oh! I forgot to include "tape helper" in the materials shot. As anyone who has ever wrapped a gift can attest to, a "tape helper" is an indispensable tool. It's one of my daughter's favorite jobs.
After you have squished enough in, tightly tie them all together with some ribbon or twine.
Continue the same way until you have all of your layers made:
Then, the fun begins: Tie your ribbon around the layers to hide the twine and embellish as you please. This one was left plain for our friend to finish but there is something nice about "simple" I think.
I did add a few flowers because they were so yellow and happy making.

BONUS: I had a half of a package of nappies left over from the cake project so I made a wreath with the left-overs. These are even easier! The best wreath form for these are simple cardboard ones. You can trace one you already have or just trace around round objects you have around the house. The outside diameter of this one is 10 inches- they will be quite a bit larger (and heavier) when you get the nappies on so keep that in mind when you choose your size.
You will need some lengths of skinnier ribbon for this as well. So, to begin, wrap your nappy around the form and tie a ribbon tightly at the top. In hind-sight, I think I would have faced the white side toward the front instead of the printed side.
Overlap your next nappy by about half and do the same as the last and so on and so forth.
To make an easy hanger, just staple a ribbon to your cardboard form and cover it with a nappy.
So simple and really easy to embellish with sample sized baby products, small toys, feeding accessories, the baby's name, etc. I love these because they're easy, they always turn out and you can tweak them to fit any baby shower theme and gender! Plus, these make easy, useful shower decorations. Have fun creating! I'd love to see what you do/have done so hook a girl up with photos and links!

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  1. hello, sitting here, trying to catch up on all the sites I signed up for and loved your instructions for the diaper cake and wreath. Then, read your cookie story; oh you poor thing. You looked like you would fall over with a good stiff breeze. I don't know if I want to KNOW how to make cookies for when I want them...then I would weigh more than I do, without being pregnant for an excuse.

  2. I have always wondered how to make one of these. Great tutorial!

  3. I love diaper cakes! I've been making them for quite a few years. I usually roll up a baby blanket and put it in the middle and then it holds all of the layers together. I really like your wreath, I've never seen one like it before! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. The cake looks wonderful! Thanks for the great tutorial! And what a great idea for the wreath!! So flippin' cute!

  5. I found this through stumble upon and I totally love it. That wreath is awesome.

  6. Aww, that is so cute! Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

  7. I'm a new follower and AM SOOOO EXCITED about this post!!! I have two friends here in Sweden who are having babies in the next couple months.. and this is just PERFECT! I thought about it.. but wasn't sure how to do it exactly.. and didn't want to "order one" from some site that was going to charge me 200 bucks to get it here.. haha. You are my saviour! I'm so looking forward to following your blog!

  8. Too cute, great tutorial. I have two friends that are expecting what a great gift!

  9. That's cute! I made one too just the other day! Check it out if you'd like:


    That's a real good idea to use pans so they don't tip over.

  10. What a wonderful diaper cake and wreath! These two would make a perfect baby gifts for a baby shower. Great instructions! Thank you for posting!

  11. First time we've seen the wreath. Thanks
    for posting that - It looks fabulous.

  12. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I used the tut for a baby shower I threw recently. The cake turned out so cute! I am linking you on a hub I'm working on.


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