About Me

Hi! Welcome to The Paper Pony!

My name is Bethany. I have been married for 9 years to a proud Englishman and have 3 awesome children; a six-year-old girl, who shares my passion for craftiness, and almost 2-year-old, boy-girl twins. I often stay up too late, watch too much TV and eat too many sweets.

This website came about as a way to keep track of the things being made so I could take notes and not make the same mistakes twice as well as remembering how to do the good stuff. As I scoured awesome crafty blogs, I wanted to share in the fun so I "went public". The name came about as I reflected on my childhood; I had it pretty good. I was always either doing creative things, harassing my little sister, or out with a pony or horse.

My crafting philosophy is simple- I want instant gratification. Projects should take a minimum of time and skill and turn out fabulous the first time without looking too "crafty". I love feedback and learning from you... let me know if you like something or if you know a better way to do things. Thanks for visiting!
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