18 April 2008

Little Wooden Dolls

Wednesday, Abby and I got together with her playgroup and a great artist friend and painted little wooden doll forms. It was a lot of fun but took more time than we thought. You can find the doll forms readily on the internet and the paint used was regular, acrylic craft paint. Today, Abby and I finished ours up (mostly... we still have to add some finishing touches and we do have some more dolls... but we're done for now).

I did our family but I had to do 2 boys and 2 girls because we don't know exactly what our family is going to look like yet.

Abby did a little snowman family. I think she did a GREAT job at the carrot noses and buttons. She took this painting thing seriously and really spent a lot of time on each one. Not bad for someone who just turned four. I think it was the longest she's EVER been able to concentrate on a single task at a time. Good to know for future projects.

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