09 August 2010

Quick and Easy Flower Topiary

I love topiaries! They are so cute, festive and adaptable- you can make them out of just about anything and for any occasion. Here is a super-simple version I did for a blue party (one that featured some small little friends that are 3 apples high and live in mushroom houses in a medieval forest...) This was an afterthought, really, and we just used what we had: Some silk flowers, packaging foam, a stick, a bucket, glue, a foam ball and some marbles.
When making any topiary, you need to make sure it is secure. Foam is an excellent way to do this so when you get some in a package- don't throw it away! It comes in so handy for many projects and can be fairly pricey to purchase.
Use a strong clear glue. I used an easy non-toxic type since my daughter was helping out, but I think I'd use something a bit stronger if you want a more secure finish. We poured ours into a Dixie cup, ripped off a flower from the wire stem, dunked it in glue and just stick it into the foam.

Just continue to glue and stick flowers until the ball is covered.

Finish it by inserting one end of your stick into the ball and the other into your chosen container. Embellish with ribbons, bows and something to cover your base- we used glass marbles. And that's it! This particular example it not the best, most beautiful topiary ever- let's be honest. But it really added just that extra touch to our party and as we all know. When it comes to parties- every detail counts! You can, of course adapt this to any decor using any medium. I think I need to make some for my living room for the fall- hmmmm the wheels in my head are sqeaking into motion...


  1. Very festive colors in your topiary - topiaries are fun and easy to make and super easy to customized. I love them too.

  2. hey, that IS quick and easy, just the way I roll! I LOVE it!

    Thanks for commenting on my button belt! It was easy and fun to make. Love your ideas.


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