03 August 2010

Cake Mix Cookies and Cute Packaging

One night, I needed some cookies. I mean, I NEEDED some cookies. Some nights are just like that. At the end of my twin pregnancy, I was gaining 2-4 pounds of water and baby weight PER DAY. Everything else was going well on paper, but I couldn't walk; couldn't even bend my knees or close my legs for that matter and was on total bed rest, or should I say, chair rest because I couldn't sleep on a bed due to the legs thing (again, with the water). If I tried to turn on my side, one leg would have to be totally up in the air and that was just plain silly. I ended up giving birth at exactly 200 lbs. I am normally right around 100lbs so that tells you something! Here is a photo- we had to take it quickly before I collapsed- notice the legs; that was as close as they would go together. Oh my, did I actually just post that? YIKES! It was probably the worst physical time in my life up to that time and what I craved more than anything was cookies. Now, I don't mean any store-bought kind! Oh no! Those would not do! I needed them to be hot out of the oven, home-made cookies. Ever since then, from time to time, I CRAVE cookies... NOW! Last week, we did not have the right ingredients for good homemade cookies so I had to improvise. After scouring the internet, I mixed up a few and came up with these semi-homemade cake mix cookies. Super simple and made it in-and-out of the oven fast! Here's what you need:Any cake mix- my daughter adamantly insists on Funfetti- but any flavor should work.
1/3 cup canola oil
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix all 3 ingredients and drop by teaspoon full onto parchment lined cookie sheets. Give them a bit of a pat on top to flatten them slightly and bake for about 10 minutes. Easy peasy! Fresh baked cookies! Now these will not be the best cookies you have ever had- they are, after all, from a cake mix; but they are better than anything at the store!

So, earlier this week, we found out Abby's little friend is moving from about 7 houses down from us to about 4 houses down from us. We wanted to bring them a moving-in gift and Abby absolutely INSISTED on the Funfetti cookies. It was really last-minute and I needed some cute packaging and then I remembered these DARLING Pringles can makeovers at Bayberry Creek Crafter I have been wanting to try and I happened to have just such a can all cleaned out and ready to go! Her's are just darling and mine don't do her's justice, but the intent was there! I love finding great ideas through awesome crafty sites!
I happened to have some paper that was already printed two-toned from Creative Memories so all I did was measure, cut and add some ribbon and a tag. Looking now, I sort of cringe as I should have added some punctuation, but oh well, we were in a time crunch!
We filled the decorated cylinder with our cookies and took them to their destination.
Here they are... isn't this cute? (There is an equally cute family right behind her as well).
Welcome to your new home- now even closer!

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  1. CUTE! And don't worry about it. I'm posting preggo pictures in a post tomorrow! I also got up to almost 200 (195). I'd love it if you'd link up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  2. we've made those before but that container is ADORABLE!
    and i gained 60+ plbs with both my boys. My 2nd is 9 months old and Im STILL teetering on 200lbs :(

    Visiting from Whatever Goes Wednesday!


  3. Both great ideas, I wish I ate junk food this would be great for our Christmas cookie exchange.

  4. What a cute idea. I'm a Funfetti fan myself so I will try these cookies soon.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday! La

  5. CUTE idea! I am definitely trying this one for sure!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great quick cookie recipe and perfect for a little one to make... thanks!

  7. Oh I must try that making a cake into cookies! I love funfettie!


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