30 July 2010

Cereal Box Notebooks

Need some new notebooks for school or just to stock up on while they are dirt cheap? Make them cuter while also reusing stuff that would normally be trash! Just take some food boxes, a notebook, a ruler, a mini-hole punch, jewelry pliers and a paper cutter or scissors. Cut your box down to size using a page out of it as a template.
Carefully remove the coiled wire from the notebook. You will probably have to un-bend and then re-bend the ends, but it is super-easy.
Then mark the holes on the back of your cut box and punch them out with a mini hole punch- not a little punch that makes regular-sized holes, but a regular-sized punch that makes mini holes.
Hold the notebook together being especially careful to line up the holes, and replace the wire coil. Remember to bend the wire back at the end to lock it in place.
To give it a finished look, use a corner punch on the bottom two corners.
Then make MORE!!! And use the cute images on the sides and backs of your boxes to make book marks.
To make your bookmark fancier, you can punch a hole and thread it with ribbon at the top (wow, that kind of made me sound like an old lady, eh?... FANCY!!!)
By the way, I totally recommend this book. It is a twist on the Rapunzel story and it is in a graphic novel type format. My daughter got it from her best friend in Utah who sent it to her in the mail which makes it super-extra special.
It works with a full-size notebook as well. Note: You may have to go into the side panel a little bit, but it doesn't matter in the end.
I made mine into a two-subject notebook by placing the old cover in the middle of the paper ream.
Again, punch the holes, line up the whole stack and replace the wire coil on the side.
Ta-da! Way cuter than the generic, plain cover it came with.
I can't exactly call this a recycling project as the paper is all new, but it is re-purposing PART of something you would have thrown away anyway so it's all good. Plus, I think they turn out way-cute and they only take minutes- even the big one with all that punching. These would make a fun end-of-summer craft to do with your kids to get them back in the mood for school!


  1. I love that you did this. Unfortunately, you lost me at the picture where I had to take out the spiral coil. If I show Savannah this blog I'm pretty sure she'll try to report me for being not as cool as Bethany to some local authority.

  2. Hey Bethany - cool idea! This is probably WAY easier than what I've been doing. I make my kids, nieces and nephews ABC books using cereal boxes with craft paper pasted over it. I take it down to the local print shop and have them spiral bound it then fill it with pictures of themselves, relatives, and other stuff.

  3. super cute idea. what a fun way to show off your favorite snack or cereal!

  4. Oh my gosh! These are too cute for words! Great idea...I am sold. I am a new follower!
    504 Main

  5. love this idea!!! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  6. I love that you did a tutorial on these!! I've seen similar ones on etsy and always loved them. Now you've made it easier for me to envision doing! Especially since my kiddos are starting school this year - they will LOVE them!

    p.s. I am linking to you on my blog twice - I hope you don't mind. For this, and for your 4th of july flag.
    I am a new lover of your blog. You are so creative and fun!
    Em @

  7. Great idea! I might have to go buy some junk food just for the packaging.

  8. Super fun!! I think I'll need to make a few of these for a couple of artists and list makers I know around here : )

  9. Hello cutie! I blogged about this earlier on in the week and just wanted to give you a heads up! Much love and *hugs* all around! Have a wonderful weekend doll!!!

  10. What a very clever idea! I love it!!! I bet the kids think these note pad are much better than the plain ones!


  11. I love it. What a great way to recycle!

  12. saw these over at someday crafts. Soo cute! You have a lot of patience! :)
    great job, thanks for sharing.

  13. what a great idea!! ya know sometimes the notebooks end up with a few pieces of paper,, good way to coral them into a new notebook also. thanks for sharing!


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