05 August 2010

Thank You Thursday #3

It's time for another Thank You Thursday. I don't know about you, but this is quickly becoming my favorite new feature. It feels good to express gratitude to some amazing, hard-working, generous bloggers for some fantastic projects! Also, it is really nice to clear up some space on my bookmarks bar.
First, Thank You to Hannah at Sherbet Blossom for allowing me to guest post in your project organization series and share how we organize our toys around here! You are such a talented designer and crafter- I can't believe you let me near the place! Note: Everyone should seriously check out her blog and the other great organization and home tips (as well as some seriously awesome greeting cards... oh, and she's a graphic designer on top of that!)

When I lived in England as a newlywed, I would look at home and design mags all the time and I remember an article about mixing florals that I loved! All of the photos made me feel so nostalgic and comfortable and homey. Thank you Anj at Snowy Bliss for reminding me and bringing back those same feelings with your lovely, long-stemmed fabric flowers. They are so feminine and I am just dying to try them (just as soon as I scour the fabric stores for some more floral fabrics- my husband's gonna love that!) I love your rectangle vase as well so each flower is really showcased! Great project!

With half of our family living in England, I am always looking for ways to keep them close and making sure they are always familiar to our children. MaryLea at Pink and Green Mama; You came up with a brilliant way to do that! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful idea of using a wooden puzzle and fitting family photos underneath the shapes. My twins are pretty much obsessed with puzzles at the moment and their 2nd birthday is fast approaching. This is definitely a must-do!

This idea is so great, I already did it! (see previous post) Thanks and hugs to Rachel at Bayberry Creek Crafter for sharing your Pringles canister as cookie container idea. I love the details; the flower and the handle- plus it's re-purposing something that would have been trash so that is always a bonus! Mine don't even hold a candle to your clever creations, but this great idea is something that is now in the Baynes Family go-to gift idea box! Not a REAL box, mind you, it just exists in my head- like Elaine's vault on Seinfeld only I don't need to lock it; I'm happy to share the love.


  1. Já tinha visto este blog antes, mas não sabia que era teu! é muito bom... tens um enorme talento e fazes coisas lindas... vou tentar algumas ideias para fazer e oferecer por exemplo nas professoras visitantes... obrigado! e parabéns ! fico feliz que te encontrei por aqui e acredita SOU TUA FÃ :-)

  2. Obrigadissima, Ana! Estou feliz que encontraste meu bloginho! É bom poder partilhar ideias com amigos como tu! Beijinhos!

  3. the flowers are GORGEOUS

  4. Seriously thank you for such kind words! I'm so glad you like the flowers! They make me smile every time I walk into my studio:) You're awesome!


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