20 June 2010

Wrapping with Wordle and Dad Frame for Father's Day

I needed a last-minute idea for my Dad since his real gift is still making its way through the mail so we had this cute box of Mrs. Field's cookies in the cupboard (I'm totally stealing the template for this cute box) and decided to wrap it up and give that for the time being. Just wrapped it in cute paper with coordinating gross-grain ribbon and added a Wordle tag to the front that was personalized for my Dad and his interests. I accidentally printed up a large version first so I used it to wrap the fishing thing my daughter had picked out for him... they looked like a cute matching pair. If you have not tried messing around with Wordle- drop everything and try it now. Warning- it can get addictive!
For my husband's Father's Day gift from the children, we used a 3-opening frame we've had laying around for years but I just HATED the yellow color. I have seen these frame throughont this whole season and they turn out so cute... I wonder who take their kids' photos? But more on that later... This was a great opportunity to teach Abby to sand... wha ha ha! Missed a spot! Ha ha ha!! Then we spray painted it black- good. Then we cut a D and an A on the Cricut and had a fun photo shoot- good... and bad. Taking photos of kids with flimsy cardstock letters- not so good. Then the photos were printed, cut and placed in the frame- good. Then a glass pane broke- bad. Then my dad cut me a new one- good. Then we gave it to my hubby with some printable cards- the first coloring the babies have ever tried and even though they kept trying to eat the crayons- it was all good. Very good. (Notice the star crayons we made last year... I guess they do look a lot like candy.)I hope everyone had a great day celebrating the men in their lives! Happy Father's Day!


  1. Those pictures turned out SO cute!! What a great idea; I'm bookmarking it for next Father's Day :).


  2. When I have 3 kids, I'm totally doing this, such a cute idea!

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