18 June 2010

England Flag Ribbon Tee

Here are some really easy ribbon embellishments I used to dress up plain white t-shirts and turn them into St. George's Crosses.The World Cup is a BIG deal at our house and when England play- everything stops. My husband really misses his home country having moved here pretty much for me; so anything England and/or football (soccer) stops everything... and, of course, for the sake of our marriage and family harmony, we support England.

To make the t-shirt, I found it helpful to practice first with some scrap satin ribbon to see which style is easiest and will turn out best... I think it's pretty apparent which one that was in my case. With a colored pencil and ruler, mark out a cross on the t-shirt- just eye-ball it. Starting at the top, fold the ribbon twice and tuck under the neckline. Use the machine to hold it and start sewing there. Then, one or two pleats at a time, tuck the ribbon under itself and sew it being careful to roughly follow the guidelines. When you get to the part where the lines cross, switch the direction of your pleats. When you get to the end, fold under twice and end on the seam or tuck the end over like you did on the neckline. Then do the same thing going across. Finally, wait for the next England game, dress your daughters all cutesy (sorry, Liam- I didn't think this would be appropriate for a boy so you can just wear your England kit), and cheer for the Three Lions!!! (being especially careful, of course, not to mention the HORRIBLE mistake a particular goalie may or may not have made when playing the USA last week...)

BTW, I'm linking this to Cheap Chic Home's Fabric Fun Thursday HERE (even though it is technically Friday) as well as Tatertots and Jello's Weekend Wrap-up.


  1. The shirts look great! :)

    I also adore the smurf-mushroom-cake idea from your smurf birthday bash, that's fantastic!

  2. Go England Go!!!! world cup is a huge deal in our house. I love your shirts.
    (Visiting via Tatertots!)

  3. These are so creative and adorable(!) on your girls - well, your girls are adorable on their own. Thanks for linking up with Fabric Fun Thursday. I'll look forward to other fabric projects you may have.

  4. Hi Kim,
    Stopping by from SITS, and drawn to this post because I saw England mentioned. I'm not crafty with a sewing machine but love to give kudos to those who are. Kudos to you:) Check out my feature on Duke-Winston, a local entrepreneur who designs UK inspired tees for men (he just added a women's lineof tees)

  5. Very cute, and I guess very effective, since England won today. It was a good day for English speaking soccer teams, since the U.S.A. won, too.

  6. How Cute! My husband is also from England ,but he is a rugby player. I will have to put this on my todo list!

  7. [Oh, you had to go and mention that goal...]
    I wish my husband would realise that after I moved all the way over here for him, the least he could do is support England...

    Thanks for stopping by - I'm glad that you liked that tutorial. Take care,


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