21 June 2010

World Cup Croquet or Kick it Through the Wicket

Sunday was not only Father's Day, but also my hubby's birthday. He specifically told me not to go all out... and he really meant it! I decided to keep it low key and we played this awesome game I found on the FamilyFun website. I tweaked it a little to make it World Cup themed, but other than that, I just followed the instructions on their website. Here's what I did (and here are a few things that were left out of their instructions): First, get a hold of 9 wire hangers (I got mine from my mom because I don't have any- maybe I need to dry clean a little more). Untwist and bend each hanger like so: Clip the curved part off the end leaving the curly bits- they will help the wicket stay in the ground). To make it all World Cuppy, I printed 2 copies each of 9 countries' flags that my hubby either loves or hates. Then cut them out, glue each pair back to back and laminate with clear packing tape. Turn your attention to the wickets next and using colored plastic tape, wrap the wire in which ever color and design that tickles your fancy- we just stuck to the flag colors. Attach your flags to the top of the wicket with clear tape and you're ready to play. This game is just like croquet only instead of wooden balls and mallets, you use your foot and a soccer/playground ball. Make a course pressing the wickets into the ground. How large/small/difficult/easy you make the course is up to you. Taking turns, each player gets one kick a turn to get their own ball through the wicket course. The first one to make it through all nine wickets wins. Simple and pretty easy to adapt to most ages and abilities. We played this quite a few times and because everything is still in great shape, I'm sure this will become a summer staple. Wouldn't this be fun at a soccer practice or birthday party?

Speaking of parties: I'm linking this up to Today's Creative Blog (see my sidebar)! Have a great day!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Great job. Love all the flags.

  2. Fantastic idea! We played soccer in the backyard recently, but this would make it even more fun and educational!


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