15 June 2010

Smurfday Party pt. 4- The Table

Here is my philosophy when it comes to decorating a casual (as in, mostly disposable) themed party table: Don't go overboard with store-bought themed paper products! Pick one, MAYBE two items (dessert plates and cups, or napkins and place cards, etc.). Too much pattern can look messy really quickly. I was lucky with this theme: the only paper products available were on ebay and were swiped up by collectors for WAY too much money. It turned out to be cheaper to buy the Hardee's glasses from the eighties which is so much better anyway. We found a set of six that had never been used- only displayed and stored:They've been used now!I love the way they wear party hats on their regular smurf hats. Oh, and the blue straws were stolen from Long John Silver's ('tis me pirate tendencies, arrrr!) For the rest of the table, we just highlighted the blue and white color scheme and added some personalized paper napkin rings made on the computer. I think with everything else that was going on in the room, it turned out quite nice plus my sister gets a new set of Smurf-a-riffic glasses to take home. For the centerpiece, we made a simple tissue paper poof topiary using Martha Stewart's paper pom-pom flowers that have become the party staple of the last few years. I cannot get enough of them as they are SO easy to make and adapt to pretty much any occasion. Here's a semi-tutorial: For the topiary, take 5 sheets of paper, cut them in half and stack them... this should give you 10 sheets in the stack. For the large flowers, leave the sheets whole and use at least 12-15 sheets for fullness. Starting with the short end, make fan pleats the entire length of the stack; mine were about an inch long. Fold in half the fan in half and secure the middle with something- I have used thin wire, twine and curling ribbon with success. Depending on the look you're going for, trim the ends in either a point; Or a big rounded scallop. I did the pointed one for this project. You can see the large scalloped one in the background of these photos hanging from the ceiling. If you are doing the scallop, I have found it helpful to make sure every layer is cut fairly low on each side to make each petal stand out on its own (if that makes any sense- it will once you do it once). Then you just pull each layer towards the center very carefully, one at a time; five to the front, five to the back on each side. Fluff, attach a ribbon if you're going to hang it. I stuck a dowel into mine and stuck the other end into a foam lined vase. I covered the foam with green, natural Easter grass and it was done. I wanted to add a couple of painted wooden-knob-turned toadstools to the grass, but ran out of time. How cute would that be? Ah, next time!We're almost done with the Smurfy stuff, I promise; but I've saved the best for last tomorrow's post is all about the snacks and display- Yay! Here's a little sneak peek (check the background).

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