14 June 2010

Smurfday Party pt. 3- Games and Activities

Because this was a "smurf-prise" party for a 30 something girl, we scheduled the activities accordingly. We started off with a quiz a la Brainy Smurf. It was fun to see how much we remembered. As we were preparing for this shindig, my 6 year old spent hours "researching" (in other words, watching episode after episode of the Smurfs until I wanted to La la, la la la la her la la la la la!). I remembered all the music and especially, all the voices... it was so weird! Our auditory memories are so much better than our visual ones... but I digress. The next game was Smurf Bingo... I just used Excel and a bunch of images found on the internet; printed it all out and added some York Peppermint Patty Pieces. In hind sight, we should have called this game, "Smurf-O" Oh well, it was fun and my mom kicked our booties! Finally, we all measured ourselves in apples next to Papa Smurf (thank you again, Cricut) it was fun to see how we all "stacked up".


  1. Cute party and cute idea. I love all the little touches you made. Especially liked the pom-pom topiary and measuring yourself against the apples! Great job!

  2. I love your ideas! I am making my daughter's 1st and my son's 6th birthday a smurf party, I will be using your ideas for sure!!!
    I was wondering if you could share with me the bingo and quiz, if you still have the files :)


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