09 December 2009

Clothes Hanger Christmas Wreath

I needed a quick wreath for my front door that could survive the weather, and cheap enough so that if it didn't, I wouldn't care. I used a wire clothes hanger and some needle-nosed pliers to bend it, a cheap garland (bought for 50 cents years ago), some trash-bag ties, plastic dollar store ornaments and a nice, big bow. The hardest part was bending the hanger into a circle and forming the intertwining little hooks at the end... although it really wasn't that hard. The garland was then wrapped around the wire and the decorations were attached with trash-bag ties. It was finished off with a big, bow to hide our door knocker that is engraved with the previous owners name. This only took about 30 minutes to make and it looks fantastic on our front door! I LOVE making wreaths!

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