02 November 2009

First Birthday Bibs

My twins turned one last week! I cannot believe how grateful I am to be here one year later. To celebrate, we decided to do a nice, quiet home celebration. To prepare for their first bites of cake (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, of course), I embellished a couple of bibs to match the plates we had. I think this was the quickest, easiest project I have done in a while. I totally recommend it... and don't just stop with numbers, there's a whole realm of possibilities here. I plan on making more very soon. Here's what you need:First, on your computer, choose the font and size of letter you want, make it in outline form, print and cut it out. Meanwhile, get your iron hot and following your bonding's instructions, iron a rectangle to the back of the fabric you've chosen. Now, trace the number onto the paper side of the bonding backward, and cut out. Peel, the top paper off, place on the bib and iron. My bibs were pretty synthetic and terrycloth and it did not bond all that well, so I sewed all around the edges using a contrasting thread and a zig-zag stitch. This step really went a lot quicker than I thought and before I knew it, both bibs were done and ready to go to work. I think they really looked great on the big day and truly fulfilled their purpose!


  1. Wonderful! I was just looking for ideas for my twins' first birthday on Saturday. I'll definitely make these. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. So cute and simple! Good thing I have one last baby to make this for.


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