03 November 2009

Paper Punch Birthday Banner

Whipped this puppy up pdq. It was super easy and fast (it needed to be... I was way behind preparing for the party). Here's what was used:
Pick your font and be sure to space the letters far enough away from each other from the sides and from the top and bottom. Print and punch.
Using your colored card, punch larger circles. I used a scallop-edge punch but you could use plain, or even a different shape.
Lay them out and glue the letter on the scalloped circle. Measure and cut your ribbons using your floor layout as a guide.
With a regular ol' paper punch, make two holes at the top of your circle. Thread your ribbon through the holes securing it on the back side with a bit of sticky tape.
Hang it up! Instant (well, near instant) festive atmosphere. I think this would look so cute using square punches as well. Maybe next time!


  1. I am loving your birthday projects! Thanks so much for these, I'll be linking.

  2. That is adorable! My son's birthday is coming up and I definitely have to make him a cute birthday banner like this.

  3. Seriously, I felt bad this was so easy... I'd love to see what you do!

  4. very cute! I'm bookmarking this for my parents' upcoming anniversary


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