29 October 2009

Halloween Candy Jars

Our family generates an obscene amount of baby food jars and I, of course, have kept 90 percent of them hoping for a future crafty purpose. This project makes us one jar down. Only about a thousand more to go! Inspired by these, my daughter decided to give her teacher a little treat for Halloween. We decided to fill a baby food jar with candy and "craftify" it. Here's what we used: I put about 5 layers of this spray paint. In the future, I think spray primer would be a good investment. We traced and cut out a circle of fabric for the lid using a can of formula for a template and pinking shears. We made a label and tags- my daughter did almost all of this step herself. We glued the label on securing it with rubber bands until dry... Filled the jar... Secured the fabric over the lid of the jar with a rubber band... And finished it off with ribbon and buttons. So easy and so cute. Perfect for a Kindergarten teacher treat.

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