27 October 2009

Willow Wishes and The L Word

My Mom is an amazing gardener- not veggies, but trees and flowers. There is this beautiful Curly Willow tree by the barn and corral that I have always admired and after seeing some fun, nature-inspired crafts, decided I would do something with those crazy branches. I made some cuttings and stripped the leaves and immediately began weaving a basket:Yeah, only there was one itty-bitty problem: I have no idea how to weave a basket. Isn't basket weaving supposed to be the cliche bonehead university class? Well, call me a bonehead because I just could not figure out how to do more than the bottom... so I decided to make words...The only prob with that was that I didn't have any floral wire with me and could not get past one letter (see the top of the post)... a lovely letter to be sure, but c'mon, the only "L" word I could think of at the time was the word "LOSER" for failing twice in one day... (oh, and that dumb TV show, but I digress...)

By this time, I'm feeling pretty down about my crafting prowess, so I just left it all. Luckily, Mom brought me the branches the next day, and I put them up over my curtainless dining room window and it looked pretty spooky. I added fake cobwebs and that became the project... it's not the best, or all that original, but hey, at least I finally found something to do with those branches, eh? Oh, and check out that orb! What's that all about? Is it a ghost? A trans-dimensional portal? Spooky... I really do have some GOOD crafts coming in the next few days so don't give up on me- we can't hit them all out of the park!

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