02 September 2011

The Number Game

Now that the twins are almost 3, we have been starting to introduce some more formal preschool learning games. It will be fun to get the ol' preschool box of tricks out, and learn some new ones. Our favorite game lately has been "The Number Game." To play, we find some number cards and line them up at the other end of the room. We started by using some old flashcards, but they soon got ruined (I left them in my pocket and they didn't survive the wash- oops!) so we used the numbered UNO cards instead. I think they work even better because it incorporates the use of color into our game.
After the cards are lined up, I call out a number and the kids take turns running across the room to the number line and bringing back the correct one. If they are having difficulty (6 and 9 are always a problem), we give them a hint by telling them the color.It works every time.The game ends when the attention spans start to dwindle or someone gets bored (usually me).
I love how it gets them active, teaches them to take turns and encourages them to root for each other to succeed. We seriously have been playing this A LOT and they are never sick of it. I think we will try it with shapes in the near future! I think I will start posting some of the other little games we do throughout the day to ward off boredom and promote learning. Stay tuned!

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