03 June 2011

Last-minute Teacher Appreciation Gift

Here are some quickie teacher appreciation gifts that can be finished in just minutes! First, carefully disassemble a disposable tape dispenser.

Choose a piece of good quality, heavy, double-sided cardstock like this Amy Butler design by K & Co. and use the removed paper packaging as a template to recreate the appropriate pieces.

Reassemble. Then, embellish as you see fit. This one is about as simple as can be, basically, because it was really late at night and I was super-tired!

Add a nice message. (We added a hand-written addition on the back from my daughter.)

Then, because she was an Extra good teacher, we could not resist making her another little something. This is almost too easy. You just cut your paper down to size, fold it around (using a bone folder makes your creases extra crisp and neat) and stick. Add a label and insert your package.

This is seriously, a 3 minute project- tops! And as we all know, EVERYTHING and just about ANYTHING looks better wrapped up in pretty paper!

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  1. Bethany! Aloha. This is really funny, but I've looked at this blog before randomly and didn't know that it was yours. Great work with it!


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