09 September 2010

Thank You Thursday #6

Yea! It's Thank You Thursday! First, I want to thank my twins for NOT throwing up all night and morning. It had made all of our day so much nicer! I cannot wait to share the fun projects this week, so without further ado:Mr. PP is always complaining that he cannot find his favorite English snacks since he's moved here, to the U.S. It seems like everything is so greasy when I try to recreate the savory ones. Thank you Lazy Budget Chef for teaching us how to make Baked Scotch Eggs. Now we can make yummy Scotch eggs with a bit less fat! (Mr. PP thanks you as well!)

I have always wanted to make wire stars for Christmas ornaments but just needed an easy way to do it. Thank you Maggie at Generally Creative for doing just that! Your Wire Wrapped Stars are so cute and look so do-able. You can bet there will be some of these on this year's tree (and on some packages as toppers, and next 4th of July...)
Thank you, Chica and Jo, for not only having an awesome website packed with helpful tips and crafty projects for the whole family, but also for your giveaways... one in particular... the notebook making kit... which I actually won!!! Can you believe it? What a great surprise. I cannot wait to start making notebooks! Oh no, I think I am giving away everyone's Christmas gifts this year! Oh well, it's all good. Thanks again!

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  1. I never heard of scotch eggs before but they look yummy. Love those stars, I think I may have to try that one myself. Congrats on winning the giveaway


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