19 July 2010

Disposable Camera Strap and Money-Saving Tip

When my daughter's Kindergarten class was taking a field trip to the zoo, I was still recovering from my hospital stay and could not chaperon so she wanted to take pictures to show me what I missed. Well, there was NO WAY she was going to use my camera so we got her a disposable one. She started complaining about having to carry it around everywhere and not being able to use her arms for stuff so we came up with the simplest solution ever; just add a ribbon strap to the darned thing.
Simply thread the ribbon through the cardboard covering and tie the ends. Abby liked wearing it over one shoulder because it seemed more safari-like (also, less likely to fall off).
She felt so grown up and it was fun to see her photos; and hear her descriptions of them. I told her to make sure she let others have a turn taking pictures so she could be in a few. Here were the best ones...
...which brings me to Tip Number Two:

Why pay to develop a whole roll of film when you suspect most of them won't turn out very well in the first place? There's a much cheaper alternative. Ask the photo technician to only develop the negatives, then those images can be put directly on a CD without incurring the printing costs. On average, it costs about $9 to develop a roll of film and print the photos. To develop the film directly to a CD, it only costs about $6. But don't pay that! Check out the ads- those CD's are always on offer at your local drugstore. Walgreens runs ads all the time that make the CD's only $.99. When you add the cost of developing the negatives, it makes the total about $4. Not only are you saving about 5 bucks, but you will be able to put the photos directly onto the computer and only print the ones you want when you need them. This was such a great experience, we plan on turning this into a little field trip tradition!

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  1. I LOVE this idea!! She got some great photos too!

  2. Bethany!!!

    vc fala portugues?!! Como assim?!! :)

    Loved having you come by my nook!!
    Also married to an englishman... ;)

    Stay in touch!!

  3. ooh...I bet she loved that. E would be in heaven. You are such a fun mom.


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