14 September 2009

My First Papercutting

I love reading craft blogs and lately, I have been inspired by silhouettes and papercutting. Check this out! I decided it was time to give it a try because a. it looked approachable as even the easy stuff looked cute and b. I already had everything I needed.I sketched some ideas... Abby and her imagination was my inspiration and I liked the idea of doing a portrait of her. I chose the one that seemed the easiest and, using a lightbox, traced her form and then free-handed the rest- first in pencil, then in black ink. Anyone who knew the younger me would know the hours I spent "studying" cetaceans so it really wasn't that hard.I then lightly traced my final pattern onto a clean sheet of white card. I used sharp scrapbooking scissors to cut out the larger expanses and an exacto knife for the fine details. A couple of hole punches were also used for some of the bubbles.I only ripped two minor pieces. There are some things I will do differently next time, but I am really pleased with the final result. And now Abby has a portrait for her room- I just need to find the perfect 12X12 frame.


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