25 July 2009

Felt Doughnut and PopTart

Felt food is becoming quite the fad and since I have a ton of felt floating around and a hankering to do something with it, I decided to try my hand at it. I thought the doughnuts were especially cute and easy and I think that Pop Tarts are just awesome so the plan was formed. Now, there are a ton of so-called patterns for these doughnuts around with pleas not to use these special patterns that obviously took years and years of careful development for commercial use. I'm thinking you actually might possibly be able to figure this one out for yourself. I used the top of a glass canister for the outer circle and the cap on an expired bottle of antibiotics for the inner one. I cut two pieces out of beige and one out of white and just free-handed the outer squiggliness of the white circle. Decide the size you want and use what you have... then sell sell sell! Sell at craft stores, e-bay and especially on ETSY!
After cutting out the felt, I chose to embellish the top with bead sprinkles. You could also embroider with knots or you could choose to do this step later.
Put right sides together and sew around the outer perimeter leaving a gap to turn it.
Turn it right side out.
Clip a few shallow notches in the inside of the circle, turn the top two layers and the bottom layer in and hand-sew closed. I used a blanket stitch with double-thickness thread. Stuff well with batting.
Whip-stitch the opening closed.
I used a blanket stitch around the perimeter of the frosting with 3 fibers of white embroidery floss. And voila!

Now the Pop-Tart pattern was even more involved... cut out 2 rectangles felt, one slightly smaller rectangle of batting and a squiggly rectangle a bit smaller for the frosting. Bead the sprinkles and blanket stitch the frosting onto the tart. With the batting in the middle, place wrong sides together and either whip stitch or blanket stitch the perimeter. No machine involved. If you use loose batting, you might want to glue the pieces together before stitching.That's all! I think they turned out rather cute with only few mistakes. I love easy crafting that takes minimal skill and turns out well.


  1. oh my goodness. that poptart looks real!!! my kids play with play-food all the time, but i hate all that plastic! i should really get into making things like this for them! thanks for the idea. great post!

  2. Really cute!! This will be one to try!!

  3. I'd love to know what brand(s) of felt you recommend!


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