19 August 2010

Thank You Thursday #5

Today, I am thankful that my daughter is back at school and that she got the teacher we requested! I am also full of gratitude for my husband who does all the laundry! Is that awesome or what? I am so terrible at it. When I moved out with my friend for the first time, we hated doing laundry so much, we would let it pile up into mountains, literally! We would hand wash our delicates when we ran out and dry them on the heater- they all ended up with actual scortch-marks!! Yeah, I'm BAD at laundry. How wonderful that I am blessed with a laundry doer? What are you thankful for? On with the Thank You notes!
While preparing for the big Smurfday party, I looked for all kinds of toadstool things. Thank you Oh! I Like That... for showing how to create these DARLING painted toadstool pencils! They just make me happy looking at them! I love that you painted them in different colors. I am thinking these would be a fun teacher appreciation gift. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you Julia from Bits of Me for sharing your colorful paper flower topiary. Who doesn't love topiaries and I was smitten the first time I saw this one, but what I love best about it are the details you discover when you take a closer look! The little bugs and butterflies. Whimsical and lovely!

I love the way cupcakes look with simple swirls of icing piled high but could never achieve that height. Thank you Megan at Fowl Single File for teaching how you solved that problem with your Bee Hive Cupcakes. Not only that, the chocolate almond bee embellishments are so cute I think I would have a hard time eating them. (In reality, I'm sure I MIGHT "bee" able to just swing it)! I'm sure they created quite a "buzz"! Oh no! I hope I didn't lose you at the puns! Thanks again! I think I'm off to eat something sweet!

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  1. ...and thank YOU for featuring my bee hive cupcakes! I'm thrilled to see the other people like them and I hope you'll give them a try soon. Love, love, love the puns, too. I'm a sucker for a corny pun!


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