30 August 2010

Barbie's Museum of Art

After Art Museum Day, Abby wanted to learn more about famous art, so, to make it fun, we created a Barbie Museum. And like all things Barbie- it is the most amazing art museum ever! ( I think she is in cahoots with a very talented art thief because she was able to collect many of the world's most famous and beautiful pieces and display them all in the same gallery!)

Luckily, there is no copyright on many of the world's most famous paintings so their images are up for grabs all over the internet. I collected our favourites and added frames from on-line frame shops (I'm not sure if that was legal or not, but hey, I'm not selling it or anything, right?) This part was kind of fun. I had to stop myself from going crazy at this point with scale. I decided to battle the OCD and force myself to forgo the math, ignore ACTUAL scale and make them roughly four sizes so the museum could be interchangeable.
I was sure to include some stand-outs from museums we have visited together or will surely visit in the future (like all the London museums thanks to her Daddy). To make it portable and easily put-away-able, we used a tri-fold display and Velcro dots.
Important information was added to the back of each piece (it was supposed to be a learning activity after all). If you want everything to be more durable, I would suggest laminating everything.
Velcro was added to the backs of the art and they were ready to hang in the gallery!
We added a few more things around like an "antique" globe (amazingly, for being such a valuable antique- it's totally up-to-date geographically!) and a paper doll's desk. Curator Barbie was so happy when she came!
No touching!!!
She immediately started changing things around. This was so fun to do and Abby has had such a fun time playing with it (although, if I'm being honest, she could care less about the info on the back except the artist and the name)
You can use the back of the trifold panel as well, of course. I think in the future, we may hang each gallery wall in a different style since we have everything from Impressionism to Renaissance to Pop Art. Now we have a fun way to learn and as we visit more museums, we can add to Barbie's museum as well.


  1. You are an amazing MOM!! That requires insane patience!!

  2. What an awesome idea. I wonder if I'm too old to drag out those barbie dolls from storage...lol

  3. I am in l-o-v-e with this idea. Consider it stolen. ;-)

  4. This is great! What a fabulous way to learn : )

  5. That is adorable! Karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

  6. Omigosh this is in INCREDIBLE and so so so stinkin' cute. Your Barbie poses at the art museum are priceless. I'd have to laminate mine for sure but what a great and hands on way to discuss art. So glad you added the painting's details too.

  7. Enjoyed going thru ur wonderful blog !! the marshmallow mushrooms are truly out of the world !!!

    - Smita
    ( fun ideas to feed picky eaters )

  8. This is so fun. My daughter is way too young for this, but I would have been all over this as a kid. :)

  9. I absolutely love this idea! So very creative. I found your sight through the Made By You Mondays on Skip to my Lou.

  10. Ah this is wonderful! I love miniature art

  11. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've made a felt art museum for my kids and based the concept for the interior on your fabulous Barbie Museum of Art. I've credited you in the following blog post http://chantalvincentart.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-creative-space_22.html
    Cheers, Chantal.

  12. Oh my gosh...this is incredible! My mom use to "wall paper" my little Barbie house with contact paper and she even made an incredible pair of real leather (ha ha) boots for Babs out of a piece of fake suede. What good moms you both are! I love that it's actual art that the kids can recognize. Fabulous.

  13. you don't by any chance still have the files where you made all this up, do you? Would love to see them! I have 4 little ones and I don't have time to make all this, but it is an AWESOME idea! Thanks!

  14. I would love the files also - if possible
    This is such a wonderful idea!!!


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