22 July 2010

Thank You Thursday

Aren't you so inspired by how wonderfully creative people in Blogland are? And whats more- they are so generous in showing us how to recreate their projects! Here is an embarrassing confession: I am TERRIBLE at writing thank-you notes! My Mom is the best and writes them for everything to everyone and in a timely manner. She was always harping on my sister and I growing up about how important it is to write them and I TOTALLY agree, only I just can't seem to get them off on time, and then I feel dumb for giving them too late, and then I forget, or they get lost, and I hate the post office. I mean, I have the greatest of intentions, and I really do feel grateful and all- REALLY grateful. I really don't know what the deal is, but I am bad- very bad at it. That's why I am going to start writing thank you notes every Thursday. And not the funny Jimmy Fallon type either; Well, maybe a little like the Jimmy Fallon type, but more heartfelt and with less sarcasm.
Thank you Twig and Toadstool for your Beach Mobile project. It made me want to forget that I hate working with polymer clay. I know HATE is a strong word but I'm pretty sure I feel that way because everything I have tried to make with it looks like a preschool project but maybe it is because it makes me tired thinking about how hard it is before you condition it. I think using the shells and driftwood makes me feel calm... also, it makes polymer clay seem relaxing.

I always got all up on my Mom for buying imitation vanilla extract and when she retired last year and baking became her new hobby, I immediately went to the cupboard to banish it forever. What I found was the most beautiful bottle of imported pure vanilla extract and was immediately silenced. I cannot wait to present her with this! Thank you Cheyanne from Off the List for showing us how to make our own vanilla extract and then using the same beans to make vanilla sugar. I feel like giving you a big, virtual bloggy hug with tears of gratitude and everything.

Thank you Susan at Living with Punks for your floor cushion tutorial. Anyone who can pull off an awesome Land of Nod knock-off like this deserves a medal! The handles are my favourite part! I can just imagine Lily and Liam dragging their own little stools around the house! I'm sure they will thank you when their birthday come around for their awesome new prezzies!
If you think these projects are awesome, you should visit their blogs! Seriously!

[please note: all photographs used in this post are courtesy of the associated websites and their administrators]


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh - I've been meaning to make my own Vanilla!! Thanks so much for the links!

  2. I love the cushion! It's so pretty. Just printed the tutorial, hope I can make it soon...


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