01 July 2010

Felt Star Clips

This summer, because my daughter was claiming boredom all the time and because a friend and awesome homeschooling mom asked if I would craft with her daughter sometimes, we started a mini Craft Club where we could share and learn how to do basic crafting techniques. There are 4 girls ranging in age from 5 (almost 6) to 8 and it has been so fun so far. For obvious reasons, you will not be seeing their gorgeous cheery little faces here, just Abby's, but you will be seeing their creations from time to time. This week, we tackled basic sewing stitches by making felt star hair clips for the 4th of July. The shapes were all pre-cut because that just takes so much time! Also, I assembled mini kits in baby food jars so that we could get going on the fun parts sooner. This is how the basic shape was assembled (although I let them pick their own colors of course) and the stitches we used. I wanted to use different stitches for each layer so they could learn and practice as many as possible... This was Abby's very first time sewing and she actually sat there for an hour and a half and sewed! I could not have been a prouder mom. We attached the clips like so: I like to sandwich the clip between two felt layers so you can't see all the crazy stitchiness underneath. The final result was so awesome! They did such a great job. And with all the extra pieces I cut out- I made a bunch that night (see top of post)! I don't even know why! I have this idea that someday I may have a craft booth somewhere... someday...

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  1. How darling and festive are these! So much fun that you were able to get your daughter involved, too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to comment on my patriotic outdoor pillows. I truly appreciate it!

    Have a terrific Fourth!

  2. These are super! And the possibilities are endless for season/holiday/everyday wear. Definitely trying this since I have a felt stash a miles high.

    Thanks so much for stopping by twelve crafts till Christmas earlier this week! I giggled at the thought of you putting the wrong clothes on your twins. :) I'm not the only one who does silly things. YAY!


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