26 July 2010

Abby's 3-D Art Project

If there has been a signature comment Abby has developed this summer, it would be, "I have a GREAT idea!" And you know what? More often than not, she does. Last week for example she took out an empty wooden box that she had saved after making the project it had contained (that was really fun for her in and of itself- a Melissa and Doug Decorate-your-own Frame) and said, "I have a great idea; Why don't I make a picture and put it in the little square places and this box will sort-of be like a frame?!" My response? "That IS a great idea! Let's do it!" She had the idea to layer things and make a 3-D type effect and I knew just what to do!You can take any wooden box, display case, or shadow box and measure the inside(s). Cut two to three pieces of card stock paper for each section.Now, start with your background. It will probably be pretty plain. It is a good idea to plan and roughly map or sketch your idea- especially if you are doing this with a child so they can understand where they are going with this. This "boring" background part caused a stir at first until we discussed the final project and then she was just as excited to do this part as the rest.When the background is complete, it is time to start on the second layer by drawing and coloring your image on the corresponding, pre-cut pieces of card.
Cut them out with scissors and/or craft knife (obviously, an adult job).
Then use 3-D puffy dots on the back of your cut-out element and add it to the picture.
Then add more and more elements in even more layers! Remember to double the glue dots if your third layer is not attaching to the second layer, but is going all the way down to the first layer so it is the proper depth. Adjust accordingly if there are even more fabulous layers.
This is a photo Abby took... she obviously forgot to stage it just right so you would miss out on all the mess. Then again, doesn't everyone's crafting area look like a disaster area in the middle of a project? (Please say "yes", but if the answer is "no", PLEASE share your secret!!!)
I was really proud of how creative she was. She thought of and created every single element. I just did the cutting!
I think it turned out just lovely. Now I just need to find a way to cover it with Plexiglas... maybe Gorilla Glue? Suggestions?
We had a family reunion/art show to honor my Grandma's Sister-in-Law and her best friend who used to travel to Arizona in the 50's to study painting under Ted DeGrazia, with whom they developed a lasting friendship. To celebrate their lives, her son invited all the relatives to come and enjoy their paintings along with other family artists. All were invited to bring their own artwork and Abby had been stressing for weeks about which ONE to bring. Well, this piece quickly rose to the top of the list and it was a big success. The whole event was for that matter! Here she is next to her picture, sharing an easel with one of her grandma's drawings. She was a little shy but very pleased.
What a great experience the whole thing was; from the idea, to the development, to the creation, to the exhibition. I am so grateful to have been raised to celebrate creativity and was encouraged in every artistic expression- even if it wasn't ever perfect or great. I hope I can do the same with my children!


  1. Such a smart idea! I have a blog of the week and I had your blog on two weeks ago. Hope you don't mind, couldn't find your email address.

  2. How very, very cool. Her project turned out great and you are great for making it happen for her!!

  3. so cute Bethany! My daughter will love this!

  4. What a cute idea!! She did a fantastic job!!

  5. What a great idea! I'm going to share it on NurtureStore's Facebook page - hope that's OK :)

  6. That is awesome... I love it!!!

  7. Ah, I can only hope my little one is so crafty when she grows up a bit! Well done both of you!


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