08 June 2010

Giant Candy Thank You Card

This is not a new idea, but it is always a hit! For the last day of school, we wanted to let Mrs. Cassidy know how much we loved and appreciated her so we decided to go B.I.G. We used a poster board, folded it in half and measured 2 inches from the fold and folded it again so when it was full of candy, it would close right- plus we liked how her name would show when it was open as well as closed- plus I didn't want to do math to get it all centered.Definitely use a bone folder (or a make-shift one like the handle of a pair of scissors) for this as poster board does not fold pretty on its own. Using coordinating paper, a ruler, trimmer, adhesive ribbon and the trusty Cricut (we used the Cuttin' Up cartridge), we made a simple cover to the card. It needed to be simple because, seriously, I am the WORST card maker. Then came the inside. I seriously had spent a couple of weeks collecting candy with names I thought we could use, then spent a few days writing and revising what we wanted to say... Abby helped with this part, of course. The night before the last day of school, it was put together. It was all layed out ahead of time, then written out sentence by sentence in a different coloured Sharpie marker (they are my first love I think- LOVE the Sharpie!) to help with the flow. The candy was also traced and labeled so when it was eaten, she would know what had been there and could still read it. Finally, the candy (and a couple of other things) were stuck on with regular tape- I didn't know which glues were toxic, plus I didn't want it to be too hard to disassemble). I took pictures of this the night before, but if you look closely in the following pictures you will notice the candy stickers Abby finished it with. I must say, it was a great finishing touch. It was so sweet when she presented it to her teacher before school. Mrs. Cassidy read it right then and there and gave the most precious hug and we all shed a couple of tears- that was a bit unexpected. We will miss having her as a teacher and next year's Kindergartners will be so lucky. This turned out to be more than a gift, but an experience for both teacher and student and I'm about to start getting WAY too sentimental so I think that's all I'll say about that!


  1. What a cute idea! I remember making stuff like that in high school.

  2. Brilliant. Love, love, love it!!!


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