01 June 2010

Dollar Store Daisy Wreath

My Mom gets a lot of catalogs in the mail... I mean A. LOT. of catalogs; and she is nice enough to keep the "good" ones for me. I saw the cutest daisy wreath in one of them months ago and wanted to recreate it for the spring. Everything I needed was at the dollar store which meant I could hang it outside and not worry about the elements messing it up!foam wreath form- $1
3 multi-coloured daisy bunches- $3
sewing pins- on hand

I found that if I took off the plastic flower backing, they lay better on the form and were easier to manipulate. The rest was so easy, I feel funny even mentioning it- just stick the flower in the form and secure with pin trying to hide it as well as possible.Ridiculous tip #1: When my fingers got sore from the pins, I used the plastic backing from one of the flowers to help me push because I was too lazy to get up and get a thimble. It worked just as well!

I think it looks so pretty and springy on the front door, it just makes me happy every time I come home! Next year, I'm making one twice as big!!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by craftsandsutch.blogspot.com! :)

    This is my first time stopping by, and I adore that colored pencil vase! :) Too cute!

    Have a super week!
    Erin :)

  2. Now that is an adorable wreath. Lovvvvve the dollar store, lol.

    Also, the pencil vase is such a acute idea.

    Thanks so much for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and the comment on the tape dispenser. Come again anytime.


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