23 December 2009

Classmate Gifts: M&M Bags

Abby wanted to give her classmates all Christmas prezzies this year- yikes!- and we finally decided what to do the night before. We just gathered a bunch of stuff we already had- including the M&Ms (doesn't everyone keep a large stash of candy for just such occasions?) and put it all together. Here is what we used: Because there was a lot of filling and stamping involved, Abby was able to do a lot of the work herself- including the paper color and ribbon choices. And this is how it all came together: I was really proud of her for not stopping half-way through- signing the backs of 20 bags is a big job! She said everyone really loved them and one boy even gave her a hug and said, "Thank you!" She turned red when she told me. I love Kindergarten!

1 comment:

  1. Wow Abigail is certainly her monthers daughter isn't she, most kids would have thought it a huge chore to do but not Abby, well done!


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