30 November 2009

Christmas Advent Chain

Wow! It's been a while since I posted... we have been busy getting our family Christmas advent traditions ready. We usually do two, but this year, we've added a third. They will all be posted this week! This first idea is not new or original, but it is our favourite because we can all work on it together. To prepare your chain, you must first pick out your papers- we chose three for this year. Then the size- we liked 1 inch width and just went with 8 1/2 inches for the length because it was easiest to cut considering the paper we chose. This made a chain that was just over 5 feet in length. On the backs of the strips, we wrote down a Christmas activity to do every day... for my sanity, I made sure that each activity would not require much time or preparation- but everyone in the family put forth ideas. I also used a calendar so we could plan certain events around Sundays, school, work and this year, we decided to have "Christmas Movie Mondays". We looped the chain together, alternating colors and sticking the ends together with a staple (I think glue dots would look better, but I was out and stapling seemed the next fastest thing). It was hung from a window and we cannot wait until tomorrow so we can start the fun!


  1. I've never thought to add actions to the paper chain- great idea!

    My Frugal Family

  2. Did you make up your list of activities of find it online somewhere?

  3. We made up the list of activities ourselves... it was great to brainstorm with the whole family... but I had the final say so nobody would know the final order as we wanted each day would be a surprise.

  4. I mean, each day TO be a surprise... ignore the grammar!

  5. Great idea....I'm madly trying to put mine together now!

  6. Great idea! Simple, Frugal & Fabulous!


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