12 November 2009

Autumn Leaf Wreath

Man, I've been making a lot of wreaths lately but that's because I now have 2 wreath stands and a front door that need to change with the seasons (you HAVE to change them, right? It's in the wreath handbook, isn't it?) and not alot of money to invest. Plus they're so much fun to make! This one is another super-simple project. I just took the foam form, a package of leaves (also from the dollar store) and some cheap-o push pins I have had since the 4-H days in the 80's. The process was so easy: just stick the leaves onto the wreath form using the pins being sure to hide the pin heads by overlapping the leaves. I didn't put any on the back because it wouldn't show and it would hang better without them... and I was too lazy and impatient, of course. This whole project took minimal effort, two dollars and very little time (about a half hour)... and the result was fantastic. Yay! Now for Christmas...


  1. Very pretty wreath!!

    I am so glad you stopped by Just Buggin'. Congrats on your new toy!! I can't wait to see what you make :O)

    Just Buggin' Creator

  2. What a beautiful wreath. I'm going to see if our Dollar Store has such pretty leaves--I already have the form and the pins--thx for the idea :).

  3. This wreath is just gorgeous. I really thought that you spent a ton of money on it. I thought the first picture was from a magazine and that at the end we would see a replica of it, that was "okay" but nearly as gorgeous as the first pic. Wow - I was wrong. Great job.


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