20 October 2009

Flower Hair Clips

I had a friend over for the weekend, and when rain forced us to cancel our day trip, we decided to make flower hair clips for our little girls instead. They are so easy and take almost no time! Here is what you need:There are many variations on this project but the basics are mostly the same. We used construction paper for place mats so please bear with the different coloured backgrounds.
First, we lined the clips with ribbon. You don't need to do this step if your flowers are large enough to cover the whole clip, but I think it seems more finished with the lining. Also, you could just stop at this step for a simpler clip and they look cute. I tried using regular glue but it soaked through, didn't hold very well, and was going to take forever to dry so we quickly switched to the trusty hot glue gun. This pink one was done with the regular glue so just look at it for the way the ribbon was wrapped around the clips. Kids love deconstruction in general so we put that to good use. We let the girls take apart the dollar store flowers; taking the flowers off the stalks and taking everything plastic off leaving only the petal layers. The plastic bits were discarded before they ended up on the floor and in the mouths of one of the three babies we had crawling around. Stack the flowers with the larger ones on the bottom and the smallest on top... use as many layers as you like to make it look full. The flower layers looked good just as they came from the original flowers, or mixed and matched. Then, there were two ways we attached the middle parts to our clips. The easiest way is to thread the stacked flower onto a brad. The only slightly more difficult way is to glue each layer, finishing with a jewel or other decoration on top- that way the layers cannot spin around. Finally, hot glue the flower onto the clip. You could put glitter on the edges of the flower petals and embellish a bit more, but that's the long and the short of it. So easy, so cheap and so little time.


  1. Such a great idea! I'm off to the craft store tomorrow so I can make some fun hair bows!

  2. That's awesome, Erin... they're seriously so easy.


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