19 September 2009

Cake Slice Box

This is possibly the easiest favor/gift/thankyou idea ever. It is so easy and cute and the possibilities are endless! All you do is gather your supplies...
Print the template on the side of the paper you do not want showing. (You can find the template and instructions here.)
Then cut...Fold...Cut the tab hole...Glue...And if you like, fill and embellish! That's it! So easy.Try making a whole cake for a cute and easy way to display party favors. I haven't done so yet but I think it would be easy. I have seen the ones you can buy at the store, but isn't it so much cuter and easier to tailor to your needs if you just do it yourself?

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I need to save this idea for a shower or something.


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