10 December 2007

Dipped Pretzels in Snowman Canisters

For Christmas this year, Abby and I made some white chocolate dipped pretzel rods covered in Christmas sprinkles. (Microwave the chocolate in 30 second intervals on high; stirring after each increment. Then, dip the pretzel rods about 3/4 of the way up. Quickly sprinkle with holiday non pareils or the like and set on waxed paper to harden.)There was a fantastic idea in the December/January issue of FamilyFun magazine about making snowmen out of yoghurt smoothie bottles... they are already the perfect shape. Just remove the label and draw/glue on buttons and felt scarf and hat. Darling. The only problem that posed for our project was that the pretzel rods were so straight and rigid. I decided to substitute a straight-sided Crystal Light tube for the smoothie bottle which would be better suited for smaller cookies or candy. (Next Year?) They turned out better than expected.

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